The Pinellas Trail pedestrian overpass of US 19. The clouds looked like they were painted on the sky today. It was brutally hot, even at 7:30 a.m. It got even hotter as the morning stretched on. I am convinced it makes no difference whatsoever what time I go out, it will invariably be so hot it is almost unbearable. Almost.

Today was the 18 miler after the 20 miler. Continue reading “6/24/18”



The Bay Pines pedestrian bridge. I guess a railroad ran on this span of, whatever this skinny little bridge sits on top of. I get a little excited when I approach this thing, but on a hot day it offers no shade at all. It was really hottt today. I’m glad the fences are there.

On other runs, I’ve tried to take photos looking out at the water, but never of the bridge itself. I thought it would be good to show it.

Today was progress in that I let go of my obsession with time, somewhat. Continue reading “6/23/18”



I get to run by a major league baseball stadium whenever I want. That’s a cool thing, but it is this stadium. I think about baseball every time I pass because how can I not, I have a mild affinity for the game. Most of the people I know can’t stand baseball, and that’s fine. Dana is usually willing to go with me whenever I feel like I need to go. I don’t know, baseball makes me happy, whether we win or lose, and we lose most of the time.

The weather today was really hard to run in. It rained heavily prior to my run, and the curtain of humidity left behind hung in the air the entire time. I can almost feel the thickness of the air when it’s like this. I filled the two flasks only and left the bladder empty so I only had about a quart of water for 10 miles. It turned out to be just enough, but I’ve learned (the hard way) that getting thrifty with water consumption is a recipe for disaster. I need to be able to drink freely without worrying about running out. On the other hand, I also need to be conscious of drinking too much if the potential to do so is there, like in a race for instance, when supplies are abundant. I was fine today, though. Got into an ice cold shower and drank lots of water afterward. Ate some salty foods. Overall, a good effort and a good run in difficult conditions, which will begin to be the rule, not the exception, very very soon. Like next week, or the week after. 10 miles, 10:40 pace.



This is the amount of humidity that was in the air and clinging to my skin when I left on my run. Peat bog, swamp, marsh. I don’t care that there are roads here and that civilization has long been established. This place will always be what it has always been. A big swamp.

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This photo was the last one I took before leaving Vermont. The silhouette of Mt. Mansfield is in the background. It’s the high point on the left side.

I took everything I learned from the run on Saturday, where I got super dehydrated and super tired at the end, and applied it to my run today. Continue reading “6/19/18”



When I collected these rocks from Mt. Mansfield, I intended them to be souvenirs for myself and a few others. Maybe not the most memorable keepsake I could offer someone, in hindsight, but when I was up there, it was the perfect token of my affection to bring something from somewhere so beautiful to somewhere else and hand it to someone, to say here, here is a piece of that place and its beauty. I can supplement the recipient’s lack of knowledge about Mt. Mansfield with the photos that I took, but I suppose I think the souvenir, as a gift, lacks self-evidence. You can’t do much with a rock besides look at it and feel its edges, curves, textures. I suppose I dreamt a little too much when I thought of someone taking one of these in their hands and imagining the earth as it was changing and forming mountains. Such thoughts require a great imagination and maybe a little knowledge. I wanted to share my experience because it was engrossing. It isolated and cordoned off my mind so that nothing but essential details were permitted to enter. I wanted to share that feeling which, to me, represents something primal and elemental. I suppose too much. They’re rocks.

I ran today, on a day that’s normally a day off. I didn’t run yesterday because of the travel. 6 miles, about 9 minute pace. Felt loose and strong. I ran in my new shorts. I love my new shorts.



So, after my run today, I came back to the room and got into the jacuzzi tub. The water was really hot and I turned the jets on full blast, thinking it would be great for sore, crampy muscles. I stayed in for about 15 or twenty minutes and it felt so good. Then, I got out and immediately the world started to spin. It was like a really bad version of when you’ve been laying down and you get up too quick. I sat down in the chair they put in the bathroom here for whatever reason. Felt good and stable, my head stopped spinning. Stood up and then, black. Woke up and heard my mom asking if I was okay because there was a crash. I was on my feet somehow, and I answered yes, I was fine. Then I saw blood dripping onto the floor and said, no I’m actually not fine.  Continue reading “6/16/18”



These daisies were outside of the Ben & Jerry’s original factory. We went there yesterday and did the tour. Lots of cheesy jokes that I wished didn’t happen and I feel bad for you Olivia, our tour guide. You clearly do not feel comfortable with the speech they have given you to recite, tour after tour, day after day. But, you did your best and for that you should be commended. We were given free samples of Americone Dream, which was a little disappointing because I can get that at 7-11. They have a flavor you can only get at the original factory location called Maple Walnut, maple being the flavor that Vermont puts into everything. We had to try that because most likely, we are not going back to this place ever again, because of the terrible jokes. Maple Walnut was delicious.

I ran pretty hard today. Continue reading “6/14/18”



Miles and miles and miles of this scenery. Even flat miles here in Vermont are keeping me inspired.

With my entire body committed to forward motion at a fairly steady rate of speed, I start to feel like a machine whose operator has dozed off. It becomes more difficult to stop than to continue on. And I know the path ahead will bring me peace, because the path behind me did so. The fly flew into my mouth, and I spit it out.