So, after my run today, I came back to the room and got into the jacuzzi tub. The water was really hot and I turned the jets on full blast, thinking it would be great for sore, crampy muscles. I stayed in for about 15 or twenty minutes and it felt so good. Then, I got out and immediately the world started to spin. It was like a really bad version of when you’ve been laying down and you get up too quick. I sat down in the chair they put in the bathroom here for whatever reason. Felt good and stable, my head stopped spinning. Stood up and then, black. Woke up and heard my mom asking if I was okay because there was a crash. I was on my feet somehow, and I answered yes, I was fine. Then I saw blood dripping onto the floor and said, no I’m actually not fine.  Continue reading “6/16/18”