This is the amount of humidity that was in the air and clinging to my skin when I left on my run. Peat bog, swamp, marsh. I don’t care that there are roads here and that civilization has long been established. This place will always be what it has always been. A big swamp.

Despite the humidity, I had a really fun run today. It was fun before all else. It started raining about halfway through, raining especially hard. Maybe the hardest rain I’ve run in. The rain was getting whipped around by the wind so it stung my skin. I got somewhat disoriented making my way back home and took a turn that went the wrong way. I was on Tyrone Boulevard, a street I’ve known forever, and I went the wrong way. The rain distracted me from everything but running. It was awesome. I was running through puddles up to my shins. People in cars were looking at me. I couldn’t tell what their expressions were, but they were looking at me. Probably thinking I should get indoors because it was thundering and there was lightning that seemed close.

I just love the feeling of getting lost in a run. When the prescribed mileage goes out the window and the energy seems to be an open tap. It felt like play today. Like I was a little kid again. I wasn’t worried about saving my energy for tomorrow, or ruining my shoes. I was just running. I was opening my mouth and letting the rain hit my tongue.

Run was 6.6 miles at 9 minute pace.

I am feeling free today.

One thought on “6/20/18”

  1. Energy is an open tap! Yes! Love those runs! Happened to me on Tuesday. Was just doing a short interval run but ended up taking another 1.5 miles of tempo cause it just felt so good. The best! Enjoy the day Dustin!

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