The Pinellas Trail pedestrian overpass of US 19. The clouds looked like they were painted on the sky today. It was brutally hot, even at 7:30 a.m. It got even hotter as the morning stretched on. I am convinced it makes no difference whatsoever what time I go out, it will invariably be so hot it is almost unbearable. Almost.

Today was the 18 miler after the 20 miler. Continue reading “6/24/18”



Today is one of the days where I asked myself: Why? Why am I doing this? It’s 90 degrees and humid. I logged 44 miles already this week. I’m away from Dana for four hours on a Saturday. And, it’s really hot. Just being outside is uncomfortable; running is crazy. In asking myself why, I’m now asking myself: Why am I asking why so soon? I’m 6 months away from race day. Continue reading “5/19/18”



Today is a good day to not have a job and be a writer. It might not be the best day to run. The forecast for the rest of the day, and the week for that matter, looks like a lot of rain. I will run this week, however. If anything, it makes it cooler and  maybe even refreshing to run in the rain. A few of my most memorable runs happened while it was raining.

I remember one about two years ago. Continue reading “5/14/18”