Guy on a bike, in passing, says to me,

“Good investment.”

I assume he meant running,

but who knows.

A few more feet down the path,

he fist pumps.

12 miles, 12:50 pace.

Tomorrow, I start training to be a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service. I’m still doubtful as to whether I actually have a job, mostly because this job search has been so unpredictable. I continue to assume the worst, but I’m feeling slightly optimistic since no one has said I don’t have the job.



This photo was the last one I took before leaving Vermont. The silhouette of Mt. Mansfield is in the background. It’s the high point on the left side.

I took everything I learned from the run on Saturday, where I got super dehydrated and super tired at the end, and applied it to my run today. Continue reading “6/19/18”