These daisies were outside of the Ben & Jerry’s original factory. We went there yesterday and did the tour. Lots of cheesy jokes that I wished didn’t happen and I feel bad for you Olivia, our tour guide. You clearly do not feel comfortable with the speech they have given you to recite, tour after tour, day after day. But, you did your best and for that you should be commended. We were given free samples of Americone Dream, which was a little disappointing because I can get that at 7-11. They have a flavor you can only get at the original factory location called Maple Walnut, maple being the flavor that Vermont puts into everything. We had to try that because most likely, we are not going back to this place ever again, because of the terrible jokes. Maple Walnut was delicious.

I ran pretty hard today. 10 miles at 8:15 pace. I knocked my left earbud out while trying to scratch my ear at around mile 3 or 4. My shoelace came untied at around mile 6 or 7. And I got a cramp at around mile 8. All of that slowed me down slightly but overall I put forth an honest effort. I haven’t run that far at that pace since the first week or two being back in Florida, so it’s been about two months. It feels good to run like that and it’s good to know that I still can. I had the vest on, too. It’s good to know I can run like that wearing the vest.

It’s dreary today in Jeffersonville, Vermont. My mom and I are not scheduling any outside activities for the remainder of the day. We are going to continue our Hunger Games movie-watching and eat an enormous shepherd’s pie we got at the old-timey general store in town. There is no fast food here, and there are no chains either. Unless you count that the resort we’re staying in is owned by Wyndham. That should probably count. Tomorrow is a day off, probably, and we are going to do some sightseeing that requires driving quite a bit. Today, though, it’s nice to just sit inside and be still.

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