This is the amount of humidity that was in the air and clinging to my skin when I left on my run. Peat bog, swamp, marsh. I don’t care that there are roads here and that civilization has long been established. This place will always be what it has always been. A big swamp.

Despite the humidity, I had a really fun run today. Continue reading “6/20/18”



At this point, I no longer need to say it was raining. It can just be assumed that it is always raining whenever I run now. I waited around – actually just sat there on the couch – and it wouldn’t slow down so I just had to go out in the middle of the deluge. I love running in the rain, but it’s a more romantic occasion when in begins to rain in the middle of a run. Starting a run in the rain is like, well, it’s not the same is all I can say. It feels soggy. Continue reading “5/30/18”