The Bay Pines pedestrian bridge. I guess a railroad ran on this span of, whatever this skinny little bridge sits on top of. I get a little excited when I approach this thing, but on a hot day it offers no shade at all. It was really hottt today. I’m glad the fences are there.

On other runs, I’ve tried to take photos looking out at the water, but never of the bridge itself. I thought it would be good to show it.

Today was progress in that I let go of my obsession with time, somewhat. It’s gradually getting hotter, so I’m having to slow down, and slow down early, to be able to run later. I’m still using what I learned last week to learn even more about my hydration and fueling needs. For instance, today I put electrolyte tablets in the bladder instead of the flasks. This way, I don’t really ever run out of liquid electrolytes. I can refill the flasks with plain old water, which I still need, at any water fountain. But when I put the tabs in the flasks like I used to, when they’re gone they’re gone. I’ve been running without real food for a little while now, and it’s been okay, but today I actually got hungry. So for next weekend, I think I need to figure out some snack food(s) to try.

Everything is moving forward. No week goes by without some lesson learned. I feel like I am gaining fitness, even though it will not show in the times I run. My shorter runs during the week are becoming super consistent because I am dealing with the heat better and better. Mentally, with that 50k in Vermont behind me, I know I can take a beating (from the run and the bathroom) and still be strong. Everything is moving forward. Today was 20 miles @ 12:12 pace. Tomorrow, 18.

I’ve been keeping track of Western States all day. Looks like Walmsley is finally gonna win.

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