Can’t find the signature on this one so I don’t know whose it is. Tight though.

I usually don’t run on Monday but it made sense to do so today. We’re getting some big storms here so it’s a little cooler with all the wind and cloud cover. Pretty nice run. Had fun.  Left quad still a little funky but it goes away when I run or walk. I only really feel it upon standing after sitting a while.

10 miles, 10:15 pace.



Every day, the clouds look like this.

I didn’t run on Sunday so there was no entry that day. I didn’t try to make it up yesterday because it doesn’t work that way really. It’s not a big deal. An extra day of rest was probably just as good for me.

I’m still in training for work so my schedule is in flux. Just trying to be normal.

12 miles, 11:50 pace.



Sleepy griffman.

I had a really good run, punctuated by the loss of one of my AirPods. I’m not unaffected by its loss, but it could be worse. It’s just a thing. A tiny, expensive little thing.

I ran very slowly to start, just aiming for 12 minute miles. I was able to manage that pace the whole way.

Now I’ll sleep like griffman.

22 miles, 11:55 pace.




I think I’m good on sunscreen for a while.

Today was slurpee day but we got there in the slurpee evening so we had to pay.

I get to sleep a little later tomorrow and I need it.

I think I’m running too hard right now. I get home from work and want to finish quickly so I can be with Dana. I need to back off, slow down. Left quad a little sore.

6 miles, 8:10 pace.



Guy on a bike, in passing, says to me,

“Good investment.”

I assume he meant running,

but who knows.

A few more feet down the path,

he fist pumps.

12 miles, 12:50 pace.

Tomorrow, I start training to be a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service. I’m still doubtful as to whether I actually have a job, mostly because this job search has been so unpredictable. I continue to assume the worst, but I’m feeling slightly optimistic since no one has said I don’t have the job.