Here is a photo for the sake of a photo. I make no promises of quality. It is from today, though, and right around the time I went running. 

I needed desperately to sleep this morning so I decided I’d skip dawn patrol and oh well if I couldn’t run tonight. Turns out there was time to run tonight and my leg was feeling okay all day, so run I did. I didn’t track it because I wanted to pay attention to my leg, but it was probably about 9 minute pace on my 6 mile route. Leg was a little painful for the first half mile but then it loosened up and felt okay. Still not near 100 percent. But better than yesterday for sure.

We went to Casita for dinner beforehand. I ate a torta and two tacos. So good, but the last half of my run was spent trying to keep it down. I swear. So many stomach things going on lately. 

I want to drink water all the time.

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