It’s been almost two years now. I kept paying the WordPress dues to keep this site up because if I didn’t, the opportunity for me to write here would not exist anymore. I can say, “I’m glad I did that now, I’m back,” but who knows if this is just a moment.

I’m writing on my phone. I used to use my computer. My computer no longer works. I rescued all of the pertinent data and images from said computer before it stopped working. I have not replaced it with a new one. I have read Infinite Jest 1.75 times since last posting.

Not much has changed in my life I suppose, though that statement is true maybe only of the outward appearance of my life. If not much had changed in two years, including relationships, job, hobbies, etc., I would not be living in the true sense of the word, or the world. I change, the world changes, the changing world changes me and so on. My mind finds new ways to confound and delight me as a result of the many changes and I’m here and there and everywhere and back. My life, outwardly, is all mostly the same. With a few grey hairs.

This site is still about running, because running is my thing. It’s always there for me when I want it, and in all it’s forms, it’s therapeutic. I run away from home and I return. I run away from myself and yeah, I return. Running helps me to write. The two, running and writing, will always be tied up in the same bundle of thought processes, emotions, motivations, and general enjoyment. They work very similarly on me.

Today I ran about 6.5 miles at about 9.5 minute pace. I had fun and felt good and those are really the only metrics that count, said no one who is fast. But for real, I don’t care. It’s getting hot and it will be hot and won’t stop being hot for what seems like forever. It won’t be forever but it will be a long time to be sure.

I’m not training for anything right now but hopefully that will change soon. It’s hard to tell when races will be a possibility with the virus still very much a factor of daily life, contrary to some buttheads’ opinions, or at least their actions, but this is not a place to rant. I declare it not so. Here and now. I would like to begin training for something as soon as races are a safe thing to do.

If anyone is reading this, hello, and hopefully I’ll be back again maybe soon.

2 thoughts on “5/9/20”

  1. You’re back!! I have been thinking about doing something like this, inspired by your doing so. I always think about writing while running but I haven’t actually been writing so maybe I will.


    1. At first it seems strange that they go together but then it makes sense. Heart gets pumping and words get …. I don’t know how to end that. Awesome that you’re still subscribed man!


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