It was really, really windy today. There weren’t very many people downtown compared to a usual Sunday. It rained off and on, sometimes heavy but not for longer than a few minutes. I ran with no music so it was peaceful and serene. Just me and my feet.

This is going to be a shorter entry than usual. I have plans with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Since I moved back, in fact.

The run today was very good. 14 miles at 10:15 pace. Very steady and disciplined, like yesterday. While I am pleased with this weekend’s runs, it’s important to remember this week was a step back down the ladder, so the distance should come somewhat easy. Nevertheless, it didn’t go badly, so that is definitely a positive. Another positive to keep in mind is that I’m still feeling good after roughly two months of 50+ mile weeks. In fact, I feel stronger and more stable in my day to day, walking around activities than I have in a while. I just feel fit. Not run down. Altogether, take this week of running and writing as a big positive and try to build on it next week.

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