Hockey metaphors anyone? Directly after the opposing team scores, it’s important to have a strong shift. To bounce back forcefully. Yesterday I felt like I got shut out, so it was important for me to bounce back forcefully. Or, just have a solid day. This is timely because the Lightning just went up 3-2 in the series last night. And I know everything about hockey.

Today was all about this mantra – 5 miles an hour gets it done. In a 100-mile race, consistently running 5 miles an hour equals a 20 hour finishing time. My goal is to be substantially under 24 hours, so 5 miles an hour gets it done. Overall, today was 15.33 miles at 11:45 pace. Slow but steady, and I never got overworked. I could’ve kept going and going. That’s the idea.

Gear: Arahi, Camelbak, Apple and Garmin watches, no music

Nutrition: Cheez-its, one GU at halfway point, lots of water

Also, today it was raining lightly almost the entire run and it was glorious.

Photo is somewhat subpar, admittedly. Taken on the Bay Pines pedestrian bridge. My phone was all wet because it was raining, and I was sweating profusely.

Tomorrow is a day off, but I will post an entry, most likely reflecting on the week past.


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