After very little searching around, I found out that the plural usage for ibis can be a few different words. There’s no wrong answer almost. I’m going with the one I think sounds best. Here, we see a trio of ibis (collective plural) making their way across a brick street in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Continue reading “6/7/18”



Another photo from yesterday. I love that place.

It was hot again today, big surprise. Today’s heat was the normal type of searing Florida  heat. The kind that feels like a wide, hot laser beam is slowly melting your flesh. It’s still of a degree that is bearable, however. For a period of time, anyway. I was out there for 1 hour and 42 minutes or so, wearing white. White hat, white shirt, white shoes, like you’re supposed to. Every little thing helps. Just brace for the days when it gets to 98 degrees and 85 percent humidity, I keep telling myself. This is nothing. Continue reading “5/24/18”