Another photo from yesterday. I love that place.

It was hot again today, big surprise. Today’s heat was the normal type of searing Florida  heat. The kind that feels like a wide, hot laser beam is slowly melting your flesh. It’s still of a degree that is bearable, however. For a period of time, anyway. I was out there for 1 hour and 42 minutes or so, wearing white. White hat, white shirt, white shoes, like you’re supposed to. Every little thing helps. Just brace for the days when it gets to 98 degrees and 85 percent humidity, I keep telling myself. This is nothing.

I ran 10 miles at just over 10 minute pace, but those numbers aren’t very representative of the run. To break it down, I ran the first six with no walk breaks at about 9:30 pace. That felt decent. I worked a little harder than I think I should have to for 9:30 pace but again, the heat. Then, since I’m on the new training plan and Thursday calls for mixing in a little speed work, I ran quarter miles at about 85 percent effort, with a 0.1 mile walk in between. This I did for almost 25 minutes. My legs felt good during the hard efforts and I most likely could have shortened the rest/walking period in between. I did want to make it back home, though. I wasn’t taking any chances. After the intervals, I still had about a mile to go, so I run/walked it.

Gear: Pegasus 34, Apple and Garmin watches, iPhone, Camelbak, Goodr Sunglasses

Nutrition: you know, just Cheez-its

Big positive, I suppose – the job search blues have made a comeback but I’m not letting them affect my training. One thing kind of balances the other out, maybe – I get a no, I have a good run, I feel okay. My life can’t go on like this, though. I want to feel stability. I’m at the point where I want the job that will take me because I’m not the getting the jobs I want. And I think it’s like this – just when I’m about to settle for less than what I know I’m capable of, the right thing will happen. So I’m kind of just holding on and hoping.

The plan calls for a day off tomorrow. We’ll see about that. I don’t know if I can restrain myself from running a few miles. If I do, I need to take it easy. This weekend is 16 and 14.

And no longer will my only nutrition be Cheez-its, because lots of GU, the salty kind, has arrived.


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