Today, I felt like this guy. All disjointed and in need of a bench. 12 miles @ 9:45 pace. Very difficult for the pace and distance when compared with my last few runs of similar pace and distance. I never hit a wall, but the whole time, I felt as if I was pushing some kind of imaginary weight, and if I tried to speed up, the weight would turn into a wall; if I slowed down, I wouldn’t have enough momentum to continue pushing. Contributing factors were not very good sleep last night – I went to sleep late and had a lot on my mind so I didn’t get right to sleep – and heavy humidity that was wet blanket-like. The wind was also strong in my face on a few sections, which helped cool me off, but slowed me down and made me work harder. Kind of a trade-off, but I had to think about it, like think through why I was feeling cooler but not feeling any energy return, and thinking about it, the mental toil, is also taxing. Slightly dreading the runs to come when it is exactly how humid it was today, but with no wind, and temps in the 90s. Adjustment time. The positive from this run is that I talked/thought myself through it, and never thought of walking it in. The deeper I get into summer, the longer the runs are going to get, and I’ll need more determination and grit than I have now. It’s been a minute since I was ready for 20 mile runs when the heat index is 100+.

Everything is connected, but non-running-wise, this week was a big improvement over last week. I didn’t feel like I was on that seesaw from struggle to ease but one day. It was bad that day, but I talked/thought myself through it and made it a decent day instead of an angry one. Work is finally smoothing out to a point where I think I know what to expect, and that is a huge help.

About to leave and go get my first shot. I’m getting the Pfizer one. It’s raining like crazy and I have to drive to Venice. It was the only place I could find doing both shots on Sunday, when I know I don’t have to work. More soon.

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