Bulleted list of things happening/happened:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Oil change
  • Started to notice weakness towards the end of runs
  • Began body weight exercises again
  • Got to the point with my job where I no longer care and it makes it much less stressful
  • But still stressing
  • New windshield sun shade
  • 1 song for EP done, another halfway done, 4.5 to go
  • Other music project is being exciting
  • Reaffirmed to myself that running is completely necessary for my wellbeing
  • So are workdays that end ~ 5
  • So I can run
  • And then sleep
  • And go to work again
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Guy said to me while I was working, “All we need is to get rid of this president and for the temperature to drop and we’ll be doing just fine.”
  • Realized maybe we move to the mountains eventually
  • Ran 7 miles today at 10:20 pace and I don’t care because it felt beautiful to have sweat streaming down my body
  • Soggy socks
  • That chicken crossed the road
  • And, Black Lives Matter.

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