I got out somewhat early this morning so I was able to avoid the worst of the heat again. However, this was only because Dana woke me up getting ready for work. So I didn’t really get to sleep as long as I like to. I guess you can’t have it both ways.

Thursday has been 10 miles for the past month and so it was again today. A balmy 76 degrees with 75 percent humidity. That’s all the reprieve I get for getting out early. For actual decent running weather, I think I’d have to go to sleep at 7 pm and get up at 3 am. I would get some headlamp practice in at least. I ran 10 at 9:16 pace. Not working too hard but still wanted to feel like I was working a little. I had to walk twice, once during mile 7 and once during mile 8. I’m still haunted by that side stitch in my right side. I can feel it coming for about a half an hour beforehand. I try to use breathing techniques to breathe it away, then I check my form and do a bunch of other superstitious nonsense and it still hits me and I have to stop. Positive thinking, though: when I did have to walk, I walked super fast. This is a good thing.

Wore the old Peg 33s. They’re feeling kinda worn out but I think they have a good amount of miles left in them. Listened to Paramore the whole run. They probably don’t know it but they make some awesome running music. Water bottle this time – and I think I’m starting to notice a coincidence. Whenever I run with the water bottle, the side stitch is in full effect. No water bottle, no side stitch. Could carrying it possibly alter my arm swing? Seems likely. Could that cause the side stitch? Seems plausible. Further research is needed. One thing about carrying the water bottle that isn’t coincidental – no dehydration. No gels today.

Ran loops at Crescent Lake to avoid morning work traffic. I didn’t think the Crescent Lake morning baby walk traffic would be worse than automobile traffic, but it was close.

No real separation of mind and body on this run. I suppose I didn’t expect to get to that place today, but sometimes it happens when I’m not expecting it. I did feel a slight buzzing in my forehead area around mile 6 to the end of the run. The sun started to do its thing right about then and when the sweat really starts pouring, I get that feeling, like the fluid in my brain is boiling. Sounds awful maybe, feels good though.

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