I still do this, yes. I know.

I’m in week seventeen of a twenty four week training plan that’s supposed to get me ready to run one hundred miles on December third. I spelled out all the numbers. I ran twenty two miles today and I have twenty more tomorrow. The week following this one we’re in is a down week, and then I run fifty miles the day before Halloween. After that, it’s a gradual taper, with one up week in there before the race in the beginning of December.

Now, about how I feel. I feel good for being in week seventeen of a twenty four week torture plan. It’s not torture, I love it. It’s not something I could do more than once every other year though, I don’t think. Who knows if my body would even let me do it that often. Anyway, when I say I feel good, it means that I haven’t missed any workouts, speedwork included; I haven’t called in sick because wah wah I’m too tired; I haven’t become a menace to my friends and family that I’m aware of; and most of the time, I actually physically feel pretty good. Legs hurt though.

I’m going into the fifty miler with some good momentum. My goal is to run as many hours as I can at 5 miles an hour. Faster is okay and will probably happen early, but the times tend to flatten out after a few hours, when I get into a rhythm. Lately, like the last two weeks, I’ve been doing my long runs at even splits, or negative. That is something I’ve never been able to do in training for an ultra. I’m excited to get the fifty done, then basically just wait til the race.

Very special people are helping me to get this done. Thank you.

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