I went to Fort Desoto to run today, clearly. 6.4 miles at 10 minute pace.

No matter what I do, I can’t seem to have anything but an average run at Fort Desoto. Stat-wise, today wasn’t supposed to be a fast day at all. Easy 6. But I’m talking about the time that I have when I’m out there, in my head. The scenery is so monotonous, despite it being one of the most beautiful places to run in or around St. Pete. I guess it’s like, if you’re looking at all this great scenery with nothing ugly breaking it up, it becomes almost tedious. Then there’s the wind. Always the wind. I think it’s 10 miles an hour minimum every time I run there. And no shade anywhere. Not surprising I don’t have any great runs here then.

I’m running the New Orleans Ultramarathon (50 miler) on October 9th of this year, barring any unforeseen events. I’m doing that with my friend Myke and I’m super excited. Yesterday, he and I tried to figure out when to start the training plan we’re going with. Seems pretty easy but it turns out that calendars are actually a necessity sometimes. Like, the one on my phone, because it’s not something I can physically touch, flip, or mark up with a pen, was not a suitable enough tool to help me figure out which week we needed to start. Whatever, we got it figured out and it is the last week in April. This is a good thing, as I still need to acquire a few things prior to beginning to train. It’s a 6 month plan, which will be the longest training plan I’ve ever followed. All that said, until then I will be keeping it cool, taking it easy. I will definitely have an urge to run semi-long before then, say 10-15 miles, and I won’t resist it, but I will have to keep in mind that I need to relax and have fun, first and foremost.

My shoe rotation is set for now, but it may change depending on how a few of the new additions work out. I have two of the old workhorse Nike Pegasuses (doesn’t matter which model; after a few runs, they all feel the same to me), the Saucony Kinvara (pretty much same, I don’t even know which model they are; they were the cheapest ones), and the New Balance Beacon 2. I’m not sure how the Kinvaras and the Beacons will work out for running very slow paces, but my idea is that they are light and lack a lot of structure, so they’ll let my foot do what it wants to do. They both have a nice amount of cushion, too. It’s good we have 6 months to train because any issues with the rotation will get sorted out. I’m thinking for the race shoe it will the Pegasus, hence the two pairs.

I look forward to running more now that I am a regular carrier. Even in this past month, since I’ve been living alone, I’ve been able to make time to run at least 6 days a week. With the reduction in hours, however slight, I’ll be able to run more miles as well. Altogether, this increase in running time and distance should lead to reduced stress, improved fitness, and an excellent training block.

Other stuff:

We got the Spotify thing figured out. The EP goes up on the 13th of April. Also, on iTunes, they would not let us charge $6.66.

People talking outside my window, go away.

I got to Fort Desoto before everyone else did this morning, save for like 10 people. I park in a spot where I cannot, with the naked eye, see one other automobile. When I come back from my run, there are cars parked on either side of my car, but no other cars parked within 1,000 feet. Why.

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