Flight was Griff’s instinctual decision when he encountered a lifeless, stone dog. Such a brave little boy. They were separated by a fence, nonetheless.

Today was 6 miles at about 8:40 pace and it felt mechanical in the best way possible. Almost automatic in the execution if not the effort. Because of the heat, the effort was still a conscious decision I had to make at the beginning of the run, and continue making every mile. I told myself before I left to give a tiny little more effort in the first mile compared to last week’s 6 mile runs, where the first mile was just too slow. Then back off for the second mile because by then all the kinks are worked out and I’m running efficiently. Miles three and four just seem to take care of themselves split-wise. Push a little bit in the fifth mile, because the fifth mile in last weeks 6 milers was the only split that went positive. Push a little more in the last mile because it’s the last mile. The idea was just to run closer splits, but more importantly, to see if I could be disciplined enough to follow a plan that was effort and strategy based. A small test.

I’m happy with the effort today. Tomorrow is 10.


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