I don’t know, this tree looked like an octopus close up, or Shiva. I took a slightly different route walking Griffy today and saw it on the way back home.

No Jesse today, his plumbing exploded in one of the bathrooms yesterday and he had to bust up all the tile and fix it, then replace all the tile. That’s the good thing about renting, no need to fix stuff when it breaks. I wouldn’t even know where to begin, though. More power to him.

I ran 6 miles today at 8:00 pace and I worked hard for it. It wasn’t super hot out because it’s getting ready to rain so there were low-hanging clouds blocking out the sun and a pretty consistent breeze was blowing. But, it’s difficult sometimes to gear up when most of the running I’m doing is slow and methodical, long-haul urban hiking, almost. Anyway, I was very disciplined in my breathing and pacing. Maybe that’s a happy byproduct of the laborious trekking I do on the weekends. As I got past three miles, it was more and more difficult to sustain the same pace, so I intentionally quickened my breathing and somehow this always allows me to kick it into a higher gear, at the cost of burning the fuse a little faster. Mile 5 was somehow the slowest mile out of all 6. Strange, cause the first mile always seems the slowest, especially when I’m trying to run every mile of a run at the same pace, like I was today. It’s good to get my heart beating up in the 160s-170s for a change. And it’s good to get my legs turning over at a good rate as well.

I know today is Global Running Day. I hope everyone has fun. I think every day should be Global Running Day.

Tomorrow is 8 miles with some speedwork mixed in.

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