The photo is from under the bridge by Tyrone Mall. There are multiple murals down there but this one stands out, for me. Maybe because today I felt like smiling. I didn’t experience any of the mind-body separation I so enjoy, but I just had a great time, and after all, that’s why I run.

Today was good. It felt like work, but the good kind of work. Like, taking care of business type shit. I didn’t hurry and I got it done the right way – run/walk, 5 minutes on/1 minute off. The same way I’m going to run the race. Specificity is key.

When I get caught up in worrying about running, like I did yesterday, I negate the positive impacts of running. Because I am a worrier, if my release valve (running) becomes yet another source of worry, I start to sink. So, today was a great recovery from that trap I fell into.

I went full training mode with the gear and the nutrition: Camelbak, which I refilled once at about 14 miles; Garmin and Apple watch (the latter to control the music on my phone, which was in my Camelbak, no need to fish around in the pockets!); PB & J (thank you, Dana) and one GU just in case. I didn’t eat the GU but ate the whole sandwich. Good. No side stitch. All good.

Tomorrow is 12 miles and I’m excited for it. Just put in the work and get it done.


My GPS watch is super old, yes. Works though.

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